Using Instagram For Advertising

Instagram is becoming a more popular social media platform for businesses to use for promoting their goods or services. With websites like EarthWeb being used to help make people more visible on Instagram so they can make a substantial impact on the platform. In fact, in July of 2018, Instagram announced that there are more than 700 million monthly active users on the site. A single post can reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. When using Instagram for advertising, one needs to make sure to include their brand’s hashtag and tag their username.

Using Instagram for advertising has become a great strategy for reaching a wider audience at a low cost compared to other social media platforms. It has become a great way of sharing your products with potential customers. You can even buy real active instagram followers to help boost your following and reach a wider audience.

Instagram was launched in 2010 and has gained a lot of popularity since. More than 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. For this reason, it is a perfect platform for reaching a young audience. Plus, with the help of web-based services such as Instavast, businesses can boost the engagement rate considerably.

Instagram has a large and vibrant community of users. It’s so big, in fact, that Facebook recently acquired it for $1 billion. That’s a lot of users, and it also means that there’s a lot of opportunities to advertise on this network. It’s no secret that Instagram was designed to encourage interaction between users, and advertisers can take advantage of this by including calls to action in their advertising campaigns. With its huge user base, Instagram is an excellent platform for brands to reach out to new audiences, build brand awareness, and generate engagement. You may need a little help from services like to get started, but once the ball is rolling you should find it easy to maintain!

Instagram offers a wide range of tools to help businesses advertise and to help them build their brand. In this post, we will outline how you can take advantage of Instagram for advertising.

  1. Instagram is a social media platform that is ever-growing

Instagram has been growing exponentially for years now and, in fact, is still growing at the time of this writing. As of May 2014, there were more than 150 million active users on the photo-sharing platform. That’s no small number, so what is it exactly that’s driving so many users to sign up for accounts on this app? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some say the easy one-button tagging feature makes it easy to share photos with their friends. Others claim that the app’s easy-to-use filters and editing tools make it a fun place to hang out for amateur photographers.

  1. Instagram ads look the same as regular posts, making them less intrusive

The Instagram platform has become a hotbed of activity, and the integrated advertising is becoming an increasingly important part of the business. A recent study found that users are likely to take action on an Instagram ad, whether it’s to follow a business, visit a website, or make a purchase.

More than that, the study also found that Instagram ads provide a better return on investment (ROI) than Facebook ads, making them more attractive to businesses. However, not all Instagram ads are created equal. Most businesses are requesting that their ads look just like their regular posts to feel more like an organic Instagram ad. The truth is, that’s the best way to market a business on Instagram.

  1. Integrating Shopify can help you sell your products faster

When you upload a photo to Instagram, you are given the option to tag anything in the photo. Tagging a product you are selling is a great way to increase the chance of being found by potential customers. If you link the Instagram post to your Shopify store, it is an even better way to get sales.

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