The Beginner’s Guide to Accessorizing

Accessories are non-apparel items that we can carry or wear, including jewelry, bags, and shoes. Sunglasses, scarves, belts, and hats all count too.

Accessorizing refers to spicing up our outfits by incorporating smaller fashion pieces into our looks. While accessories serve practical functions, we carefully pick them to complement the rest of our outfits. In other words, they are the finishing touches.

Some people find accessorizing a tough job, particularly if you are not used to accessories. However, the right adornment choices can give your outfits an extra edge.

We believe that accessorizing should be distinct from person to person and is deeply personal. Rather than “do this” and “don’t do that,” it’s a better idea to create a personal accessorizing approach to develop a unique style. You don’t need expensive accessories either. A simple necklace or ring can have a huge impact on your look without draining your bank account. Raise is a good place to go if you’re looking for a discount on accessories. Department stores like Kohl’s accept promo codes which can save you a lot of money on the little things that pull an outfit together.

We share our easy beginner’s guide to accessorizing to you, and let’s see which works best for you!

Signature Accessories

Do you get overwhelmed by the different accessory options? Then, you can opt for just one statement piece. Even a single statement piece can already make feel look and feel great. Plus, it is easier to work with anything you wear.

Once you are ready to wear or carry more accessories, you have to create balance by picking a single piece that will dominate your look with regard to color or size. Then, you can layer on more subtle pieces.

Colors and Patterns

When accessorizing, you also need to think about patterns and colors. Even if you are wearing a simple outfit, the right accessories can add a pop of color to it. Beware that animal prints and bright colors are hard to work into different outfits. However, if you choose fun and vibrant accessories like a scarf, a belt, or shoes, elevating your look is a lot easier.


Your outfit and accessory should not compete with each other; they should complement each other. If you are wearing a jewel-encrusted dress or top or an outfit with sequins, ensure to keep your accessory simple. Minimal accessories can make you look and effortlessly chic with classic elegance.

You can pair a mundane top like a neutral or solid color with a statement necklace (such as those from, to give some examples). However, you need to opt for stud earrings to avoid overdoing your accessories. A statement necklace tends to be too much for some colors, prints, and patterns so that you can try other jewelry.

If you want to achieve a fun and festive look, dangly earrings, cocktail ring, statement cuff, and bangles are a way to go. When wearing a statement necklace over a plain top, you can go without earrings. That way, you will not overdo it.

Layering and Piling

Piling bracelets and layering necklaces are trendy and glamorous. However, not all people can pull off that look. If you notice that it is too much, you should remove the accessory. If you are not sure if you are already overdoing it, stick to three accessories at once. For instance:

  • Ring, handbag, and hat
  • Clutch, bracelet, and necklace
  • Earrings, scarf, and shoes

However, if you are more confident and comfortable with lots of accessories, go for it. If not, you can simply accessorize your outfit with the piece of jewelry that you love the most. For example, it could be the zodiac bracelet that can be purchased from sites like Rastaclat, or it could be those beautiful earrings that you have been saving to wear for a while now.


Some occasions call for fewer accessories. For instance, if you are going to a job interview, try to keep your accessories simple. While you want to display your personality, wearing a flashy ring and earrings can outshine the job qualifications.

Weddings are another situation that calls for more refined jewelry. You should limit loud accessories when attending formal gatherings; one statement piece will work. Fabulous earrings, a stylish diamond tennis bracelet, or a big ring may be all you need. As for your bags and shoes for formals, you can wear bold suedes and stick with a small clutch.


One reason why people want to wear or carry accessories is to transform their outfits. You can add more color and elegance to your little black dress by pairing it up with flats and a blazer. If you want to dress up effortlessly for a night out, forget about your blazer. Go for a cocktail ring or a pair of statement earrings and wear your high heels.


Accessories can make or break our outfits. So, we need to be extra careful when accessorizing. However, with our tips, you can have an extra edge to pick the right accessories for specific outfits or occasions.

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