Top 5 Day to Night Outfits

This unbearably common effort of lugging a carry bag with a complete outfit to your work, just to have to look for a place to keep it under your table and eventually sneak to the comfort room to do a full-on change for an after-hours drink at somewhere like this cocktail bar in Dallas later that evening. I must say that I am one of them. It is relatively easy and simple to wear a similar dress from day to night- provided the fact you have an essential foundation piece. And we have rounded up the most excellent workwear staples to motivate you with superb day to night getup ideas.

Today, we are highlighting the most versatile clothes that perhaps you have already in your wardrobe. You just need a bit of effort in styling to work both in and out of your workplace, making the day to night getup strategy easier- no last-minute changes required.

We know that you are a busy person; therefore, we went ahead as well as sourced the most excellent day to night getup ideas to make your life easier. So, continue reading for these important pieces to take you from office to bar smoothly.

  1. Skirt

The skirt has a word of diverse fashion and version, pencil skirt, ruffle skirt, mini skirt, A-line skirt amongst others. The pencil skirt is elegant and sexy, shows the enchantment of the woman, no matter what season and time of the day. Like a classic white blouse, this piece of clothing can be worn for a day at work, and party at night with friends, or a fancy cocktail.

From a day to work, you can wear this kind of skirt in any color mixed with a blazer in another color tone, in order to get more attention to the upper portion. Do not forget the high pumps to emphasize the body figure and exalt the elegance.

In case you and your friends have a cocktail by night, a night out, or a fancy dinner, you can wear sexy shorts together with your skirt, leave the blazer in your car and bring an oversized clutch and stilettos. It would look good on a date night as well. You can maybe spice things up by wearing human pheromones or a sexy perfume to keep the attraction strong throughout the night!

  1. Accessories

The secret behind wearing the same outfits but different clothes from day to night is the mixture used for your fashion items. Mix your outfit, wear different accessories according to the event; this will help change the looks of your outfit. Also, try combining diverse purses with your shoes. The key to success is imagination and you need to always keep this thing in mind.

  1. Denim or Jeans

If you wear denim for work, try wearing a funky blazer and accessories for the night, lose the jacket,

and show your shirt and change your accessories. The fact that tunics and mini dresses are the number one item for this spring, wear them and pants for work. However, for your night out, have fun and wear that tunic as a mini dress with high heels.

  1. Scarf

A scarf is also a must-have item for daring look women. For your work, tie the scarf around your neck and, while at night, tie it across the waist as a belt, or wear it as a sexy shirt-wrap two corners around the neck and then the remaining two corners around the waist.

The color scheme can change according to your preference or choice; however, white and black are still preferred amongst women. You can wear colors for office work and bring out the sexier side in you with black tones for evening getup.

  1. Beach Cover Up

Are you on holiday? You will want to change your appearance from the beach tonight and luckily there are many beach cover-up attires that you are able to change and tie in and use as a sexy dress.

Also, your make-up can be converted from being convenient for the day to sexy as well as outgoing for the night. Apply a higher blush tone to cheeks, do the same thing with eyeliner, so you are able to bring potential to your window of the soul. You can use loose powder to get rid shine on your face. You can put in eye shadow in bold tones like gold and silver.

Your smell is as significant as the way you look; it complements your personality; for the day, you can use floral scents, while at night, you can use a stronger perfume to highlight your sensual femininity.

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