How to Pick the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

When it comes to denim, all body types are created equal. Not really. Sizes run small, and most people spend a good chunk of their life searching for the perfect fit or trying on and returning dozens of pairs before finding a pair they love. The truth is, every body type is unique. You know this if you have ever worn a pair of pants that fit like a glove and then washed them, only for them to stretch out and no longer fit.

What to wear on your body can be all-consuming. Adding to that list of what to wear is a pair of fitted jeans. Since they are a staple for many people, it’s understandable why finding the right jeans can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. Below, we’ll cover how to pick the perfect pair of jeans for your body.

Here Are the Tips for Choosing Jeans as per Your Body Type:

Jeans For Apple-Shaped Body

One way to combat the signs of being an apple-shaped body type is to invest in quality denim. Unlike skinnier body types, apple-shaped women have wider hips and thighs, tapering onto the waist. This means that finding a pair of jeans that fits your waist can be difficult. Certain styles of jeans like straight-leg or skinny jeans can make your hips look wider, so choose them with top-stitching or panel details, which can give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Jeans For Pear-Shaped Body

The right jeans can transform an outfit. Whether you’re picking a pair of jeans to wear for work or for date night, you want to make sure they flatter your figure. Jeans for Pear Shaped Body are designed to help you find the right pair. Our guide will tell you at a glance which of them will look great on your body type, and we also list the brands you can shop for.

Jeans For Hourglass Shape Body

Top-of-the-line jeans are often expensive and harder to come by. However, they are one of the best additions to your wardrobe that you can have. Look for jeans that fit you comfortably and flatteringly. Keep in mind that they can be skinny or straight; however, if you are in an hourglass shape, you should opt for wide-leg jeans.

Jeans For Strawberry Shape Body

The Strawberry shape body comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no one cut those fits all. But you can think seriously about picking the best styles for your body type. There are a few important things to consider: how your hips look, if your thighs and waist are proportioned and if your calves are too small or too big. Your jeans should fit you well, so it’s best to try on pairs before you buy.

Jeans For Banana Shape Body

A “banana shape” body is when, as many women know, your bust area is bigger than your hips and thighs. This is the kind of shape that seems never to change, no matter how hard you diet and exercise. But many women want to love their shape and know that wearing good-fitting jeans can help minimize the effect it has on their bodies.

Jeans for Round Shape Body

Round body shape has been the choice of most women since the Victorian Era. The bell-shaped figure was also popular during the flapper era and with good reason. It’s a classic shape that looks good on most body types, and it holds its own in both formal and casual settings. Since it’s such a flattering shape, the round body shape is a popular choice for women of all ages, but it tends to look best on women with long torsos and shorter legs.

Picking the right pair of jeans for your body isn’t easy—there are so many options, including different types of jeans (skinny, straight, bootcut, flare, slim, skinnies, etc.) and fits (cropped, high-rise, etc.). So, how do you know which of them is right for you, and how do you fit around your personal style?

There used to be when jeans were merely a practical piece of clothing. They were meant to get the job done, and for the most part, they didn’t care what the job entailed. But today, they have become more than just a practical wardrobe staple; they are a fashion statement, an expression of personal style. And like it or not, many of us (myself included) place great importance on how we dress. If we don’t feel good about the way we look, we generally don’t feel good.

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