Fashion Rules to Live By!

If the topic is about self-expression, we cannot ignore fashion because people use outfits to put their personalities on display every single day.

The first thing people see is not our personality, so we should style ourselves! Every season, men and women wait for the new fashion rules. If you are not fashion conscious, you will find these rules overwhelming.

Don’t worry; you do not need to anticipate fashion rules every season just to style yourself and express your personality. You can take advantage of our tips below and enjoy self-expression no matter what the season is.

Rule #1: Buy Classic Fashion Items

Are you looking for outfits that never go out of style?

You should then invest in classic fashion pieces in core colors. Whether you are new or have been a fashion lover for a long time, buying sustainable, upcycled apparel that is versatile and looks good regardless of the season is critical.

Plus, they are easier to style than seasonal pieces because they are tried and tested.

If you are unsure of which items you should put in your closet that never goes out of style, try the following:

Little Black Dress

For sure, you are familiar with the “little black dress.” You can make it unrecognizable every time you wear it by changing your accessories.

If you are in doubt about which piece to wear, grab your little black dress.

White Crisp Shirt

A white crisp shirt is a fashion staple that everyone should live with. This fashion item is very easy to work into different styles, versatile, and classic. You can pair it with jeans for a casual look or a skirt for a professional look.

Black Blazer

When looking for a foundation for your wardrobe, a black blazer should be on the top list.

While it is a smart choice for office attire, you can wear it just about everywhere with the correct complementary pieces.

Denim Jeans

Classic blue denim is one of the classic pieces that never go out of style or be outdated. Plus, you can even see it on most international catwalks.

Rule #2: Do Not Go for High Heels If You Cannot Wear Them Properly

High heels are among the iconic fashion pieces for ladies. While they can highlight your look and boost your confidence, they are not for every lady.

If you really want to wear a pair of high heels, you can practice wearing them at home before going out.

No matter how eye-catching your outfit is, if you walk around looking uncomfortable with high heels, your entire look is ruined.

Bear in mind that heels are created to make the wearer look and feel confident.

Rule #3: Men Should Not Scrimp on Shoes

In the same way as ladies, shoes are critical to men’s fashion. After all, men’s shoes are often the first thing that women look at.

Whether it is a pair of brogues or box-fresh trainers, make shoes an important part of your wardrobe. You can have a casual shoe, a great shoe, or a shoe you can have re-soled.

Do not forget to buy good shoe polish. Remember that dirty shoes completely ruin any outfit.

Rule #4: Do Not Overdo Details

While you should not underestimate the power of details, overdoing them is a big no-no. For instance, try not to overdo the necklaces with other accessories.

Remember that more details do not always mean better.

Rule #5: Have Authenticity

As we mentioned earlier, your personality is not the first thing people around you see. However, you can display your personality through fashion.

The way you dress and stylize yourself hugely reflects your personality.

Ensure to have authenticity. Just because a red dress looks good on other women, it does not necessarily mean that it will also look good on you.

Do not let magazines and other people dictate what to wear and look good on you.

Instead, you may want to stick to your own style of dressing; that would help reflect your uniqueness to the world.

If this means wearing a midi skirt with a turtle neck ribbed blouse, black boots, a pair of hooped earrings, and layered necklaces — these two can be sourced from — for example, then so be it.

Rule #6: Be Confident

There is nothing more eye-catching than seeing men or women who wear their clothes in style and great confidence. Do not forget to smile. Regardless of how stylish or expensive your outfits are, if you cannot wear them with confidence, you will fail to express yourself.


Staying stylish does not necessarily mean that we need to embrace fashion trends every season. Some fashion pieces are preferred by many to achieve a classic and timeless look. Try the above fashion rules and express yourself!

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